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October 2020 - New inMailX 3.20.1001 Version

We are pleased to announce that inMailX 3.20.1001 production release is now available.

This version adds new 'Link Folders' features for all inMailX Connectors, additional Send Guard Attachments Checking options, and Where Filed 'Properties' option for FileSystem Connector.

Below are some of the new features included in this release:

  • New Send Guard Attachments 'Auto Confirm' Options
  • FileSystem Connector 'Link Folders' Feature for Cloud/Network Stores
  • Micro Focus Content Manager Connector 'Link Folders' Feature
  • iManage Work Connector 'Link Folders' Feature
  • NetDocuments Connector 'Link folders' Feature
  • SharePoint Connector 'Link Folders' Feature
  • WebDAV Connector 'Link Folders' Feature
  • Worldox Connector 'Link Folders' Feature
  • FileSystem Where Filed/Where Saved 'Properties' Options
  • Display Profile/Properties Dialog Windows Support for Non-modal Mode


For a complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancements, please check the release notes, and keep sending us your feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to see a live demo, or receive any additional information, please contact us.