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August 2019 - New inMailX 3.19.0207 Version

We are pleased to announce that the new inMailX 3.19.0207 version is now available. 

This version adds Force Filing on Send options for External Meetings/Tasks, and new FileSystem and Content Manager stores search options.

Below are some of the new features included in this release:

  • New Attachments Word Clean Options
  • Force Filing on Send Options for External Meetings/Tasks
  • FileSystem 'Show Favorites Tree Structure' Option
  • NetDocuments 'Show Favorites Tree Structure' Option
  • New FileSystem Store Search Options
  • Content Manager Store 'Document Content' Search
  • SharePoint Connector Enhancements
  • Worksite Connector Enhancements

Check the release notes for a complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancements, and don't forget to keep sending us your feedback and suggestions.

For additional information, or if you would like to see a live demo, please contact us.