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October 2017 - ARMA Live 2017 Conference

inMailX integration with Cloud Repositories, Network File Systems, SharePoint and HPECM has been showcased at ARMA Live 2017 Conference, held from 15 to 17 October 2017 at the Marriott World Center, Orlando, USA.

The highlight was how the integrated inMailX for Cloud/FileSystem/SharePoint/HPECM, inMailX Attachment Manager, inMailX Content Manager, and inMailX Brand Manager solution helps organisations transform how their users manage their emails and attachments, documents and records, content and brand with inMailX

There was considerable interest in our inMailX for Cloud solution, which brings together the right tools, functionality and user experience that enable users to easily manage their emails and attachments, and efficiently work with Cloud Repositories (Box, Dropbox and OneDrive), Network File Systems, SharePoint, HPE Content Manager, and other repositories inside Microsoft Outlook.

For additional information about the ARMA Live Conference, please visit http://www.arma.org.